The Beginnings
Milt Turner’s first Hypercycle

Turner Recumbents has been manufacturing quality Short Wheel Based (SWB) recumbent bicycles since 1985.  Beginning with the Hypercycle, Milton Turner, along with Julian Smith, began to produce an easy to maneuver, sporty, fast, and comfortable SWB recumbent bicycle.  Later, as Milton went on to form his own company, he was able to play a significant role in helping to establish the recumbent bike trend in America.

The Bikes

There are two product lines to represent both the short and long-wheelbase frames: the T-Lite and the T-Long, respectively.

For those new to the sport of recumbent riding, the shorter frame provides more maneuverability, while for extended cruising, the longer frame provides comfort and stability similar to a Cadillac. Both are about equal in speed.

The T-Lite Short Wheel Based (SWB) bike is an evolved concept which blends the very best of all the previous models with an eye towards the owner who wants performance as well as comfort with a hot-rod appearance. This bike frame is completely redesigned and combines a stiff frame with a very clean uncluttered look. It comes in two models: the T-Lite1 and the T-Lite Deluxe.


The T-Lite1 comes standard with mid-grade Sachs or Shimano components, a fiberglass seat shell, 16″ (349mm) front wheel, and a 26″ rear wheel. A triple crankset is standard and a seven-speed rear cassette is also standard.

This bike comes standard with grip shifters, and at present, the bike comes in either black or yellow and in your choice of short, medium or long frames.

This is a quality bike at a very affordable price.

T-Lite Deluxe

The T-Lite Deluxe (SWB) comes standard with 16″ or 20″ front wheel and a 26″ rear wheel. Although not offered, the rider can instead outfit it with a 24″ rear wheel for fast starts. The bike comes with bar-end shifters and a Deluxe lightweight, super-strong graphite seat.

This is a bike designed with speed and comfort in mind.

The T-Long is a long wheel based bike designed from the ground up to be a comfortable, fast, uncompromising performer.  This bike handles like a short wheel based bike, and in fact, is more maneuverable than many SWB bikes on the market.  Where many long wheel based bikes need a two-lane road to turn around, the T Long can turn inside a single lane. 


The basic frame design of the T-Long is taken from the T-Lite SWB frame and combines all the desirable traits of the T-Lite with the luxurious ride of an LWB. The steering is remoted using an adjustable steering rod. At speed, the bike is in its element. The steering, while sensitive at low speeds, is very firm and stable at high speed.

Though the bike comes with a triple crankset, you will find that you use the middle ring the most, and you will find other bikes may have a hard time keeping pace with you.

The frame is fully triangulated and very stiff, yet it soaks up the bumps very well. The seat height is lower than the SWB at 18″ and allows most riders to be able to place both feet comfortably on the ground when stopped. The wheelbase of this bike is 63″ for a medium frame, which makes it much shorter than other LWB’s on the market.

Another advantage of this frame design is that it can be converted into an SWB! For those that are handy with tools, and with the purchase of a few connection adapters and a shortened brake cable, the front wheel fork can be moved back by the owner into the same position as the wheel on the SWB models, making this bike the most versatile LWB found anywhere.

This is the long wheel based bike as it always should have been!

The next evolutionary step in the long-wheelbase: The TNT. 


Taking comfort to the next level is the Turner TNT. The TNT has 26″ wheels on both front and back. With large wheels and the long wheelbase of the T-Long, the ride becomes ultra-smooth for those who demand the ultimate in comfort.

The seat is a bit higher than the T-Long to compensate for the higher position of the front cranks. Still, even for short riders, both feet can be placed flat on the ground when stopped.

Steering is over-the-seat and a special design approach in the frame minimizes the “tiller-effect” so often found on other manufacturers’ models.

For those that want a long wheelbase with large wheels, and comfortable, over-the-seat steering, this bike is for you!

Finally, a recumbent tandem that is fast, comfortable, yet safe to ride!  The latest creation from Turner is the T-4-2:  the most technically advanced and safest tandem on the market.

T-4-2 Tandem

With two riders providing twice the power as an ordinary bike, much higher speeds on a tandem are possible. Safety becomes paramount, especially when a front-tire blowout, or slipping on a sharp turn, can turn a good day into a disaster. But with the T-4-2, the extra front, the in-line wheel provides a critical safety backup. A flat will just slow you, not throw you.

The second front-wheel provides this safety without compromising speed or agility. That is because both front wheels are connected by the steering bar so that even the tightest turns at speed are “locked-in the track” for maximum traction and control, similar to a rollerblade skate. Both front wheels have their own brakes, controlled by a single caliper, thereby increasing front braking power by 100%. All told, there are four sets of brakes, with the driver controlling all three wheels, and the stoker rider also controlling the rear for the ultimate in braking safety.

The frame design follows the Turner philosophy of “strength through triangulation,” not the flimsy, flexy designs often found in the other tandem bikes on the market. Whether used for romantic rides in the sunset or power-pedaling across the flats, this bike is built for dependability, durability, and efficiency. As with all other Turner bikes, the tandem follows the tradition of providing maximum comfort to the riders. The T-4-2 has firm padding on an ergonomically designed composite seat to provide maximum longitudinal power to the pedals along with a luxurious ride. The T-4-2 is sold by custom order only.

All Turner Bicycles are manufactured and constructed in the United States.


For those who require a bike that is maximized for speed, we offer both front and rear fairings for the T-Lite models, and currently, a rear fairing only for the T-Long. Fairings have been estimated by some to offer as much as a 15% increase in speed due to reduced air drag.

Usually added by racers to ensure the edge in competition, they are often added by more casual riders just for the kick of blowing by the “wedgie” (standard, diamond-frame) riders.


From the proper sizing of the wheelbase to the selection of optional components (of which there are others not listed below), we can provide you with one-on-one assistance in your purchasing decisions.  Since each bike can be customized substantially, the total price you pay will almost certainly vary from the prices quoted below.  So, we encourage you to talk with Milt Turner directly to ensure that your needs are met with an optimal choice in bike selection and components, and yet still fall within your budget.

Call Milt today at (520) 290-5646!

Bikes — listed with standard features


Under-the-seat(USS) steering 
16″ (349mm) front wheel,26″(559 mm) rear wheel no extra charge for the 20″ wheel on versions where the frames are Large & X-Large.Spoked wheels front and rear, with various tire widths available 
Side-pull, BMX-style, brake for 16″ wheel 
   V-brake if 20″ wheel is selected. 
XT grade Shimano components 
Bar ends with bar-end shifters
Triple crankset w/8 speed rear cassette (24 gears total) 
Regular fiberglass seat shell with lumbar seat cushion
   + $85 Freight
T-Lite Deluxe

Under-the-seat(USS) steering 
26″ rear wheel, and a 16″ or 20″ front wheel 
Spoked wheels front and rear, with various tire widths available 
Shimano Ultegra Nine Speed Component Group, 27 gears total 
Bar ends with bar-end shifters 
V brakes 
Heavy-duty graphite seat shell with lumbar seat cushion
   + $85 Freight

Under-the-seat(USS) steering (see Over-the-Seat(OSS) option below) 
Shimano 105 Eight-speed component group, 24 gears total  
20″(406 mm) front wheel, 26″(559 mm) rear wheel 
Spoked wheels front and rear, with various tire widths available 
Bar ends with bar-end shifters
Regular fiberglass seat shell with lumbar seat cushion
   + $120.00 Freight

Over-the-seat(OSS) steering 
Shimano 105 Eight-speed component group, 24 gears total  
26″(559 mm)wheels, both front and rear 
Spoked wheels front and rear, with various tire widths available 
Grip shifters
Regular fiberglass seat shell with lumbar seat cushion
   + $120.00 Freight
T-4-2 Tandem

This model is fully customized, so talk to Milt about components.
   includes freight

Frame Kits 

Both frame kits include painted frame, fork, stem, handlebar, bar ends (shifters not included) if USS steering is selected, seat shell, cushions and cover, mounting hardware, idler pulley, and assembly instructions. 

Both frame kits include painted frame, fork, stem, handlebar, bar ends (shifters not included) if USS steering is selected, seat shell, cushions and cover, mounting hardware, idler pulley, and assembly instructions. 

T-Lite1 or T-Deluxe frame kit$875.00 no freight charge.
T-Long frame kit$1100.00 + $70 freight
TNT frame kit$975.00 + $70 freight


All Turner seats are hardshell w/pad and Cover

The regular Fiber Glass shell$120.00
Heavy-Duty Fiberglass shell$150.00
Graphite shell$300.00
Graphite shell instead of the standard shell at the time of purchase$200.00
Gel seat cushion base$45.00

Other Options

Over-the-Seat steering for T-Long — without shifters$125.00
Over-the-Seat steering for T-Long — with grip shifters$170.00
Bar ends with bar-end shifters$125.00
Front fairing — Available for T-Lite models only$400.00+freight
Rear fairing — Available for both T-Lites and T-Longs$400.00+freight

All prices subject to change.

All bent clubs qualify for a discount, or $100.00, and paid freight will be given to all bicycle and recumbent clubs that buy frame kits direct.

Call for prices of any closed-out, reduced-price demo bikes or frame kits.